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我和 Brayden 结婚9个月以后,我的脑部突然受伤,因而完全改变了我们的人生。 某一天在举办活动时,一根粗大的大杆突然脱落并向着我的头倒下来。

当我清醒的时候,我以为我还在17岁,也完全忘记了 Brayden 是谁。 我和 Brayden 相遇、爱上他并嫁给他的种种回忆全都没有了!


我经历了一段愤怒和沮丧的日子,我感觉自己被剥夺了很多。 我非常希望我的记忆可以回来,希望有一天我看着 Brayden 可以想起一切,然而不幸的是,这从未发生过!


虽然我想不起 Brayden 是谁,但我看到他和我在一起时有多么善良和耐心。 他又甜又傻、古怪,我想尝试为这段婚姻而努力。于是我决定把手中的戒指取下,我告诉他我想和他约会。 就这样我们又重新开始约会了。

Brayden 成了我最好的朋友,接着是我的迷恋,然后是我的爱。我并没有奇迹般地想起我们之间曾经的回忆和对他的旧感情,但我却对他有了新的感觉和新的回忆。

我因而学会了,原来爱是一种选择,而我选择爱 Brayden 。今天他(再次)向我求婚,我(再次)说了YES! 我很感激我们的新起点和我们即将共度的幸福未来!


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9 months after I married Brayden I sustained a brain injury that completely changed our lives. While setting up for an event, a large pole dislodged and fell on my head. My next clear memory is of waking up thinking I was 17 years old, and not knowing who Brayden was. My memory of meeting, falling in love with, and marrying Brayden was gone.

Over the course of the past two years since the accident I’ve had to relearn how to read, write, and speak coherently, learn to live with the short and long term memory loss, cope with constant pain, and come to terms with the fact that I’m married to someone I don’t truly know. I went through a period of anger and depression; I felt like so much had been ripped away from me. I desperately hoped my memory would come back, that some day I would look at Brayden and remember everything. Unfortunately that has yet to happen.

I eventually realized I had to make a choice. I couldn’t stay in a marriage that I didn’t remember choosing. It’s really hard to feel completely devoted to a marriage when you feel like you just woke up to it one day. Even though I didn’t really know who Brayden was, I saw how kind and patient he was with me. He was sweet and silly and quirky, and I wanted to try to make it work. I took off my rings, and I told him I wanted to date him. So, we started dating again.

Brayden became my best friend, and then my crush, and then my love. I haven’t miraculously gotten my memory and all my old feelings for him back, but I have new feelings and new memories. I’ve learned that love is a choice, and I am choosing to love Brayden. Today he proposed to me (again), and I said yes (again)! I’m so grateful for our new beginning and for the happy future we have ahead of us.