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然而,新加坡有一名网友就在 Facebook 分享了一个帖文,劝勉大家不要把任何事情都当作理所当然!帖文里说道他是个脾气不好的男子,近日他点了 GrabFood 后迟迟未送到,原本要大发雷霆的他,看到这一幕以后却差点哭了。

▼ 原文翻译如下


当你认为办公室的 Air-con 不如你期望中的那么冷的时候。



有一天,我通过 GrabFood 为我的妻子订购了一杯 I-Tea 珍珠奶茶。

该名 GrabFood 外送人员必须在 Tampines 的经销店取货,然后寄送到这名网友在 Bedok Reservoir 的住处。

乘车需要大约 10-12 分钟,自行车 15-20 分钟,电动滑板车可能需要 12-15 分钟。


30 分钟过去了,我开始不耐烦地想知道我订购的泡茶在哪里。当我使用 GrabFood App 来看该名外送人员的行踪时,她看起来确实比我想象的要慢得多。当时候我就在想:这名外送人员也许不是搭乘任何交通工具,而是走路过来。

终于,当GPS 上的图标显示该名外送人员的图标经过了我的住宿单位时,我意识到她已经错过了停车场的入口。于是,我立刻往窗外看,没想到出现在我眼前的这一幕令我震惊不已!

电动轮椅上的 GrabFood 外送人员,沿着我们街区前面的人行道缓缓地往前走。


当她到达我的电梯大厅时我走到她身边,我的心真的沉了下去。我和她小聊了一下,并询问她是否真的从 Tampines 一路过来这里。 她点点头地说是的。

我非常同情她。 当下我有点感伤,但是因为她在我旁边,所以我试图保持冷静。接着,她把我所订购的饮料递给我,并透过 GrabPay 来付款以后,我就立刻掏出我的钱包,将钱包里的现金都给了她。说实话,我震惊得说不出话来了。




▼ 网友们看完这个贴文,都表示哭了!同时也感谢楼主的分享。

▼ 「最重要的是:我从中吸取了教训。」「我不再抱怨我的生活和工作了!我们应该更感恩和珍惜人生。」


▼ 虽然他们有缺陷,但是他们靠自己的能力来养活自己。有体力、有精力的人不应该再自甘脱落了!

▼ 「我们应该要继续网上订购餐点,给这些残障人士赚取收入。」

▼ 该名外送人员留言表示:「其实我需要的只是顾客们的谅解和耐心。」



▼ 原帖(Original Post)

When you think that your problem is the hardest in the world.
When you think the air-con in your office is not as cold as you would like it to be.
When you think your work PC or laptop is taking longer than it should.
When you think walking to that nearby shop under the scorching hot sun is too much of an effort.
Made an order for I-Tea bubbletea for my wife via @grabfoodsg . The outlet for the rider to collect is in Tampines to be sent to my residence at Bedok Reservoir.
By car that would take about 10-12 minutes, bicycle 15-20 minutes, escooter probably 12-15 mins.
30 mins went by and I started to get impatient wondering where the bubble tea I ordered. As I watched the movement of the rider via the grab food app, it does seem to move much slower than I would have imagined. At times wondering is this rider walking over instead of via some other mode of transportation.
Finally, as the riders icon on the gps passed by my unit, I realised that he/she has missed the carpark entrance and got me even more agitated. I looked out my window, scanning my eyes from right to left when suddenly I saw something that left me in awe.
A GrabFood rider on a motorised wheelchair making its way slowly along the pavement right in front of our block.?
I somehow had the hunch that she was making the delivery for what I have ordered and rushed down looking for her.
I went up to her as she reached my lift lobby and my heart really sank. I created a small chat with her asking did she really travel down here from Tampines. She nodded and said yes.
I felt for her. I was a little emotional but tried to remain calm as Sharlien was next to me. As she passed me the drink, having made payment via GrabPay, I quickly reached out for my wallet and pass her whatever cash I have in it. I was a little shocked, to be honest. I was lost for words.
This presented a teachable moment for me to share with Sharlein during the ride to school today.
Masya-Allah.The perseverance she showed to overcome the challenges being put on her. May Allah provide her with the strength, hope and rezeki and continue being the inspiration to other able-bodied people like you and me.
Thank You Sumaiyah