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Touch n Go 不小心掉了还是被人盗取,应该怎么做?!里面的钱可以拿回来吗?!

Touch n Go 不小心掉了,应该怎么做?!里面的钱可以拿回来吗?!

常常为Touch n Go 加额几百令吉?但又提心吊胆怕不小心把Touch n Go 弄丢了,那里面的钱就白白没了?

没关系!现在就来教你在Touch n Go 卡不见时如何取回里面的钱哦!




Touch n Go 卡不小心掉了还是被人盗取,建议马上 block 掉你的Touch n Go 卡,以避免被其他人盗用。你可以通过拨打 Touch n Go 热线 03-2714 8888来 block 掉你的Touch n Go 卡。但必须等待30天,才能取回Touch n Go 卡里的钱!

*前提你要在Touch n Go卡不见之前,你已经是注册了 (Register User), 这样 Touch n Go 才能查到你的资料把钱Refund 给你。
*向Touch n Go 公司注册你的个人资料还有两外的好处就是你可以查看你平日的 Statement,还可以打印出来方便做账使用!

Lost Card

Q: Can I get my money back if my Touch ‘n Go card is lost or stolen?
A: Yes. It is very important that you register your Touch ‘n Go card so that we can verify the user details to process the refund.

Q: How do I know if I am a registered user?
A: To check your registration status, please call our Careline at 03-2714 8888 (operational from 7am to 10pm daily, including public holidays).

Q: How do I register my Touch ‘n Go card?
A: For existing users, please call our Careline at 03-2714 8888 or login to our Touch ‘n Go Portal to update your registered details whenever you changed your contact details.
A: Register on-line through our website.

Q: How can I block/blacklist/cancel my Touch ‘n Go card?
A: Contact our Careline Centre:
~Telephone: 03-2714 8888 (Operational from 7am to 10pm daily, including public holidays)
~Fax: 03-2714 8889


User Registration

  • Why do I need to register my Touch ‘n Go card?
    • We encourage users to register the card to enjoy value-added benefits offered by TNGSB, which may be added from time to time.
      For now, customer immediately get benefits are as follow:

      • Refund claims when the card is lost or stolen.
      • Free e-statement for user to track Touch ‘n Go transaction record.


现在知道注册的重要性了就马上网上登记你的Touch n Go 卡吧。

▼ Register 网址:【点击这里