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是Starbucks迷都会知道, Starbucks几乎每年新年都会推出主题限量杯子!今年Starbucks也赶上猪年啦~推出了一系列以Hello Little Piggy为主题的产品系列,只能说超Kawaii ~~


▼Rounded pink belly


▼ 14oz & 17oz 



▼Mug & saucer set

▼香浓咖啡。 The lush Antigua Valley is a coffee-growing paradise. Savor subtle floral aromas with a citrusy brightness and a lingering cocoa finish. 

▼ Tumbler 16oz & 12oz, Money bank .One gold coin, every time you make a wish.

▼ Starbucks新年卡设计

▼ 12oz 和 24oz

▼ 特制红包封

▼Starbucks Tote Bag

▼  Pouch, Stainless steel water bottle with jacket, 20oz.

▼12oz 和 16oz

▼ 香浓咖啡

怎么样?够可爱了吗?心动不如行动!要注意,有些只限于Selected store而已哦!