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会员现在可以用BPoint免费换取Tealive!只需388 BPoints!

Tealive 10月份促销活动!会员可以Redeem Tealive 饮料哦!

原本Tealive 会员需要使用650 Bpoints 才能Redeem 一杯饮料。只要在这个10月份,只需要338 BPoints 就能换取一杯Tealive 饮料了哦!

促销活动:Tealive 会员免费Redeem Tealive 饮料

促销日期:15 – 31 of October.

促销地点:Tealive 分行


申请Tealive 会员的好处:

Complimentary Drink Upon Sign-up
Sign up to be a Tealive Unitea member for only RM10.60 and receive a Free Drink* of your choice (RM6.50)!

Receive Birthday Tokens
Enjoy Birthday Tokens which you can use to redeem a Free Drink* (RM6.50) on your birthday every year. Token is valid for use within 1 year.

Earn BPOINTS & Pay Less
BPOINTS collected in Tealive Unitea Card or other types of BCard can be used to redeem free drinks at outlets nationwide (650 Bpoints = 1 drink worth RM6.50) In fact, no minimum points for redemption. Start ordering your drink with BPOINTS and pay less!

Tealive Unitea Ringgit (NEW!)
Now you can store value in Tealive Unitea Card, allowing cashless transaction, greater convenience and more rewards!!

Members-Only Promotions
Get members-only offers such as Tealive Unitea Deals, and receive latest updates on these promotions, giveaways and contests.

Lifetime Membership
No renewal fee or card replacement needed when you sign up for a Tealive Unitea Card. Enjoy your benefits all year round, every year!